Two Poems

Artist: Augusto Avila Jr.

by Kristina Krumova


XX Century

Be patient, be patient…
The Tomorrow will come
almost colorless
wrapped in shiny cellophane
of forgotten opportunities
sent anonymously
From the stamp, glued askew,
will look at you…
The Today


XIX Century

We are sitting at the table, drinking…
The Yesterday is a good company
For every sip of absinthe
I get a story in return
in a picture of three words
Where are you?



Kristina Krumova is 29 years old and she lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has a Master’s Degree in “Contemporary History” from Sofia University and she was an Editor at New Social Poetry Magazine, (Bulgaria). Her work was published in North of Oxford, Ann Arbor Review, The Pangolin Review, Rusty Truck, The Conclusion Magazine, Oddball Magazine and The Mad Swirl. Kristina Krumova works as a freelance editor and she’s preparing her first poetry manuscript.